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Are Dubai rentals actually sliding up? studies suggest opposite

Reverse to well-known belief, Dubai rentals along with Abu Dhabi are nonetheless see decline in rise, and they boosted reasonably in September 2014 based on to data posted by Reidin.

Even as most current reviews submitted by investigation dwellings promise a lagging deterioration in Dubai rentals cost, studies and public belief may be to oppose those promises. According to Reidin, rents in Dubai’s domestic industry elevated by 0.8 points, with 103.7 to 104.5, representing an increase of 0.78 per cent in September 2014. Alternatively hand, rental prices enlarged 19.8 per cent year-on-year.

 Dubai rentals apartments elevated 0.93 per cent per month and 22.5 per cent annually, Reidin said in its Sep update. Villa rentals always authorized an boost in September 2014, rising 0.02 per cent monthly and increased 7.9 per cent yearly.

As per to a poll, 21 per cent of the participants said their rents been reduced by 10 to 20 per cent though eight per cent stated rents slipped by 5 to 10 per cent. Still, 18 per cent of the respondents said rents remained steady. “My rent has been up by five per cent. I am okay with it and look at myself lucky as my landlord implemented the regulations laid by the Dubai administrators,” Serena S, a reader said.

In Abu Dhabi in addition to Dubai rentals, apartment rental prices demonstrated an rise on a monthly basis in September 2014. Rates enhanced 0.44 per cent per month and 2.1 per cent yearly. Villa rental pricing recorded an increment in September 2014. Costs increased 2.39 per cent per month and elevated 9.6 per cent per year.

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